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July 17, 2010


by Umm Muawiyah

Assalamu Alaikum.

The Heartwheel Journal was all the craze last year. Why? Well, it’s nice but I think it caught on because it was the “in” thing at that time.

I tried it for a few days but it didn’t work for me, to be honest with you. However, it did teach me a few lessons (i.e. the importance of planning and documenting).

So, check it out and try it out. Use it if it benefits you but don’t use it just because you think you have to or because it’s “cool”.

Here’s the Heartwheel Journal. Want to know how to use it?

Okay, here’s an audio by the person who invented it:

How to use the Heartwheel Journal By Muhammad Alshareef (Download):

Prefer a video? Here’s Brother Nahyan giving you a walkthrough:

Heartwheel Journal Walk through By Brother Nahyan

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Don’t want to print it out? Prefer an online version?

Here you go:

Once again, here’s Brother Nahyan showing us how to use it:

Heartwheel Journal online walk through by Brother Nahyan

Here’s a series that Brother Muhammad Alshareef did on how to use the journal. Each video is about 10 minutes.

Some parts are missing though.

Day 3: Fasting makes me stronger

Day 4: Perfection

Day 5: Paradise is a Place on Earth

Day 6: Hellfire

Day 7: Someone’s watching me

Day 8: I’ll do it when I feel like it. Not.

Day 9: A Balancing Act

Day 10: To go up, you must go down.

Day 11: Keeping Hope Alive

Day 12: In Allah we trust

Day 14: Skip it

Day 15: The Eman Rush Zone

Day 16: Stress – Thy name is ingratitude

Day 17: Abundance – Thy name Shukr

Day 18: Fear of Allah’s Anger

Day 19: Important but not urgent

Day 20: Fard – For your own good

Day 21: Direct Connect

Day 22: In training

Day 23: Who am I?

Day 24: It’s all about charity

Day 25: Untouchable

Day 26: It just keeps getting better

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