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July 17, 2010


by Umm Muawiyah

Assalamu Alaikum.

Islamweb has a very nice section called Ramadhaan Oasis:

It looks quite nice. It has fataawa on Ramadan as well as recipes (all the women will be sure to check the link now…).

It also has a very nice section called “Ramadan Globally”. It tells you stories about Muslims from different parts of the world. That’s sorely needed because many people are under the impression that all Muslims are either Arabs or from the Indian subcontinent. No, we have all sorts of Muslims, even blond, blue-eyed ones.

I say this because I realised that when many Muslims imagine a blond, blue-eyed individual, they always assume that this person is a kaafir (a disbeliever), because they think that there is a “Muslim” look (features-wise, I mean, not clothes-wise as there is certainly a “Muslim” look clothes-wise). Apparently, blond and blue-eyed is not a “Muslim” look (according to these people).

[And no, I’m not blonde nor am I blue-eyed. I’m just sick of people thinking that they are more Muslim than other people simply because they 1) look Muslim (features-wise) or 2) have Muslim families. Sorry, it doesn’t matter. What  matters is one’s level of piety. That is what Allah will call us to account for.]

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