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August 4, 2010


by Umm Muawiyah

Assalamu Alaikum.

Just woke up and realised Ramadan is less than a week away?


On a more serious note, I’m quite worried as to the way all of us are approaching Ramadan this year. Last year in Dubai, there were more pre-Ramadan lectures than there are this year. Also, there were more pre-Ramadan articles written (on websites, I mean)  than there are this year.

Am I the only one who feels that people are still in the “holiday” mood and still haven’t realised that Ramadan is so close?

I really hope that I’m imagining things…

Anyway, for those who are struggling to prepare for Ramadan: don’t fret and take things step-by-step.

One of the things that everyone needs to do is read or listen to an article/lecture that talks about basic fiqh for Ramadan i.e. the dos and don’ts  of fasting.

And as usual, I’m going to save you the hassle of searching by providing you with the required information.

So, here goes:

Basic Ramadan Fiqh by Abu Taubah

[He’s using the Consice Fiqh. Nice book. Good for fiqh and hadeeth.]

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