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Lecture: Ramadan Closing Reminder

Assalamu Alaikum.

Okay, this is a short reminder, not a lecture.

And it’s a good reminder.

Ramadan Closing Reminder by Sajid Umar


Lecture: Our Deeds – Accepted?!

Assalamu Alaikum.

That’s everybody’s question, isn’t it?

The short answer to the question: We won’t find out until the Day of Judgment.

So, is that it?

Well, no. There are some signs that a deed may have been accepted.

[Note: Being certain that your deed has been accepted is a sign of WEAKNESS of iman. I’ll talk about this in a future post, insha-Allah.]

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Post-Ramadan Teensie-Weensie Tip #4: Compare your pre-Ramadan and post-Ramadan selves

Assalamu Alaikum.

So, just how did you envision yourself after Ramadan?

Think about the following things (or better yet, write them down):

1) What were your goals for Ramadan? Did you achieve them? Why or why not?

2) How different are you from your pre-Ramadan self? Have you improved? If so, then in what areas? Why?

3) How many things have you managed to continue doing after Ramadan? For example, do you still pray Tahajjud (even if it is just 1 rakaah)?

4) What were the reasons that caused you to continue or discontinue what you were doing during Ramadan?

5) How do you see yourself next Shaban?

6) How do you envision spending next Ramadan?

Go to a quiet room and spend an hour just thinking about the above questions.

The reason that we never seem to improve (or improve at a snail’s pace) is because we don’t set a plan or follow a plan that we did set.

Also, we seem to be dependent on Ramadan to change us but that shouldn’t be the case. We can change at any time. We just need to do dua and then push ourselves to act.

Before you know it, it’ll be Ramadan again (assuming that we are blessed to still be alive) and we’ll go through the same steps again i.e. listen to a few lectures in Shaban, have high hopes for Ramadan, do nothing much in Ramadan and then flounder in Shawwal*.

[*Okay, this doesn’t happen to everybody, alhamdulillah but sadly it seems to happen to most of us.]

This time, I think we should start thinking differently. We need to:

1) Keep the next Ramadan as a deadline to achieving our goals.

2) Aim to improve ourselves even further during it so that we can achieve even bigger goals after it finishes.

I would suggest that we all listen to those pre-Ramadan lectures again. Also, please read this post. It’s very useful indeed, masha-Allah. I did that last year and that’s where I got the idea for this post from.

Lastly, please don’t get defeated before you even begin. Have good thoughts about Allah and ask Him to make you a great servant of His. Then, make a plan to achieve that.

Even if you die without having accomplished all your goals, you’ll at least have sincerely intended it, and perhaps Allah will reward you solely for those intentions.


Lecture: Ramadan is Over – What is Next

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum.

So, here’s another post-Ramadan lecture on this topic:

Ramadan is Over – What is Next by Dr. Saleh As-Saleh (rahimahullah) (Download)


Post-Ramadan Teensie-Weensie Tip #3: Stop Duaing. Start Doing.

Assalamu Alaikum.

Erm, “duaing”, you ask? Surely that was a typo, right?

Nope. It’s a term that I invented (unless someone has already beaten me to it, of course).

What is “duaing” exactly?

Umm Muawiyah’s Dictionary of Self-Invented Words lists the definition as follows:

Duaing (pronounced doo-aa-ing): Repeatedly doing dua without bothering to follow through with any action that will result in getting the dua accepted.

N.B. This term does not refer to repeatedly doing dua without taking action in the cases where one is unable to take any action.

A few examples will help you understand further:

Example # 1:

Brother A does constant dua to get a job. Every day, he wakes up expecting  the phone to ring with an interview call.

There’s just one problem. He doesn’t do anything except dua. He doesn’t send his CV to different companies, doesn’t sign up with any recruitment agencies, doesn’t ask people he knows for any information, doesn’t read the classifieds, etc.

He just does dua to get a job.

Example # 2:

Sister B does constant dua for her temper to cool down. She has serious issues with anger management. Every day, she wakes up expecting her temper to have miraculously gone away.

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Post-Ramadan Teensie-Weensie Tip #2: Start (and continue) fasting

Assalamu Alaikum.

Hmmm….you’ve heard this tip before, you say?

Of course, you have. Right here.

What was the whole point of Ramadan? To make us more conscious of Allah.

And why did Allah prescribe fasting……?


So, in order to continue with our increased consciousness of Allah, we need to fast.

You’ll notice that I mentioned two things:

1) Start fasting

That’s right.


As soon as possible.

Otherwise, you’ll get lazy.

Note: If you have missed fasts, make those up first. Then, you can do the Shawwal fasts.

2) Continue fasting

Yes, because fasting was not just prescribed for Ramadan and Shawwal. It’s a deed that can (and should) be done throughout the year e.g. Mondays, Thursdays, Arafah, Ashoorah, etc.

Insha-Allah, I’ll explain the above points in more detail  in our first Remember Ramadan post.

Last bit of advice: Brothers and Sisters, I would also advise you to encourage your children to fast as well.

Yes, yes, I know. You might think that they’ll get tired with all the fasting.

Erm…you know, children and teens are not like us oldies. They can starve all day and still have energy at night.

I remember my days in uni. I wouldn’t eat anything until 5pm (because I was too busy). Yet, I had energy to do all my work.

And no, I’m not asking you to do this! [It’s terrible for one’s health.] I’m just pointing out that Shaytan (the devil) might stop you from encouraging your children from fasting under the guide of “parental concern”.

So, don’t worry about them getting tired because they won’t, insha-Allah.


Post-Ramadan Teensie-Weensie Tip #1: Do dua

Assalamu Alaikum.

[Yes, I’m back with my “tips”. Insha-Allah, I’ll try to bother encourage you on a regular basis with this tips.

Want the tips regularly? If so, then please say so.

I’ll also be starting a “Remember Ramadan” Series. That will be composed of longer articles. Who’s in? Let me know because it is somewhat depressing talking to myself.]

The title sounds familiar, you say? Of course, it does.

Back then, we did dua that we got to see Ramadan.

Now, we are going to do dua (for the next 6 months, insha-Allah) asking Allah to accept our Ramadan.

So, please add this to your dua list NOW.


Lecture: Is it the End or just the Beginning?

Assalamu Alaikum.

Okay, this isn’t a lecture per se, it’s just a short reminder from Productive Ramadan.

I  mentioned this website during Ramadan. It was really quite nice. They sent out iman boosting tips via email (I needed that). Now they’ve moved back to their parent page:

It’s quite nice and the concept is wonderful, masha-Allah. May Allah reward Brother Muhammad (he’s the one behind the website).

[Note: They’re working on a new website and are looking for duas, donations and sponsorships. Why not help out?]

Here’s the reminder (and a much needed one at that):

Is it the End or just the Beginning?


Article: An Explanation of Things Legislated at the End of Ramadan

Assalamu Alaikum.

You know what’s sad?

I have an excellent article that I’m going to put up.

And who’s probably going to read it? The people who still want to know about Ramadan after it’s over.

Who needs to read it? The people who forget about Ramadan 2 minutes after the new moon of Shawwal is sighted.

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