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October 14, 2010

Project “Recover Ramadan” – Step 5: Ask yourself if you really want it

by Umm Muawiyah

Assalamu Alaikum.

Want what, you ask? The pleasure of Allah, of course.

Do you want it?

Now, of course, you’ll nod your head and say “Well, obviously!”

Okay, let me phrase it in another way: Do you want the pleasure of Allah above everything else that you have in your life?

Let’s take a wild example. Suppose you were give two choices in life:

1) To be the best-looking, richest and most intelligent person on this planet who has everything one could possibly want in life but does not have the pleasure of Allah


2) To be the worst-looking, poorest and least intelligent person on this planet who has absolutely nothing one could want in life but has the pleasure of Allah

Now, you might think “Why can’t I have it all??”

Well yes, you could be the best-looking, richest and most intelligent person on this planet and have the pleasure of Allah. However, if you were given a choice between 1 or 2, which one would you choose?

Think about it carefully. See, it’s easy to avoid the question or  say “Well, 2 obviously”, but what do you REALLY want?

Now, you might say “Cmon! I’ll never be given this choice so why bother to even waste time thinking about it?”

Well, you should bother because the answer will tell you a lot about yourself and who you really are. Ultimately, do you want worldly possessions or the hereafter?

Do you know why the Companions of the Messenger (salallahu alaihi wasallam) were so successful? Because if given the above two choices, they would have chosen the second one without hesitation.

Proof? Read the Quran. Read the ahadeeth. Read the Seerah. Read their biographies. It’s all there.

So what do you want? This world or the next?

It’s amazing. The ones who truly want the hereafter also get this world but the ones who want this world do not get the hereafter.

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