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November 3, 2010

Project “Recover Ramadan” – Step 8: Realise that the point is not actually to Recover Ramadan

by Umm Muawiyah

Assalamu Alaikum.

Yes, I know. Perhaps I actually managed to befuddle you with that title. [Then again, perhaps not.]

Okay, so what is the point of the Recover Ramadan project, you ask?

Well, it’s to remind us that we always need to be striving hard to try to please Allah. That’s what we do in Ramadan and that’s what we need to do outside of it.

Too often, we forget the purpose of the salah, charity, fasting, dua, obedience to parents, good character, marriage, etc.

Yes, they are all good deeds (with the proper intention) but why are we doing them again? Ultimately, any good deed should be done as a form of worship to Allah in order to achieve His Pleasure.

Now you might say: “But a person can get married just because he/she wants to, and a person might just be good to his parents because he loves them! What’s wrong with that?”

Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, that’s not al-ihsan. What’s al-ihsan? It’s worshipping Allah as though you see Him. That’s the highest level that a Muslim can reach.

So, a muhsin (one who attains al-ihsan) would intend to get married because it is pleasing to Allah and would strive to obey his parents (in matters  that are not contrary to the shariah) because that is what Allah loves. See the difference? This person performs daily life activities as a way of worshipping Allah.

Why? Because he/she always remembers the purpose of doing those deeds.

So, be sure to never forget the purpose, because if we forget the purpose, we’ll lose our way.

PS. I hope the post itself didn’t befuddle any of you.

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