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January 13, 2011


What do YOU miss about Ramadan?

by Umm Muawiyah

Assalamu Alaikum.

[Yes, this was a Ramadan blog before it branched out into everything from humour to culture to politics.]

Today, I want YOUR input.

Yes, YOU.

Tell me: What do you miss about Ramadan?

What do I miss, you ask?

Well, I miss:

1) Itikaf : The rest of the year I suffer from itikaf-withdrawal symptoms.

2) Taraweeh and Qiyam Al-Layl.

3) My masjid (but not its bathrooms): It’s my favourite place in Dubai. (Sorry Burj Khalifa.)

4) The time that I spend with the Quran.

5) The Imam’s recitation.

6) Seeing everybody trying to be obedient to Allah.

7) Waking up before Fajr (which means that I’m not groggy during Salatul Fajr).

Okay, now it’s your turn.

What do you miss about Ramadan? Please leave a comment.

[Hey, I write every day. Now I want the rest of you to participate as well.]

Jazakumullahu kheira.

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  1. farishta abdul wahab
    Jan 13 2011

    basically everything u mentioned
    and one thing the joy of breaking the fast all together
    and the joy of fasting all toghether as muslims.

  2. Shazia
    Jan 14 2011

    I miss qayaam ul lail and recitation of Quran from the imaam…also the supplications after the qayaam!!!

  3. Sana
    Jan 14 2011

    I miss going to the masjid for taraweeh— it was really cool to meet most of the neighbourhood there and getting to pray and recite Quran…it’s just not the same when you’re at home or attending iftars at people’s houses

  4. Sana
    Jan 14 2011

    Plus, I had been reading Quran with translation over the past year so it was really exciting whenever I recognised a verse when the Imam recited it and actually knew what it meant and what surah it came from !!!

  5. Umm Moosa
    Jan 15 2011

    I miss:
    1. Reading relatively big amounts of Quran on a daily basis.
    2. Seeing most people eager to get closer to Allah.
    3. That the shayateen were chained and it was much easier to avoid sins.
    4. Qiyam al layl
    5. The way we used to eat biryani at the masjid, ie 6-7 sisters from one humongous plate.
    6. Not going back to sleep after Fajr.
    8. Above all the eman boost I used to experience then.

  6. Razina
    Jan 15 2011

    I miss the high spirit everyone is in,specially earning ajr as you know you`ll be rewarded 70 times or more,Alhamdulillah…I definetely miss suhoors and the yummy treats in iftaars,I miss reading Quran,taraweeh,qiyaam al lail,I JUST miss my…BELOVED RAMADAAN !!!

  7. Umm Abdillah
    Jan 17 2011

    I miss the feeling of getting higher rewards for your good deeds and the wish for giving more sadaqa and reciting more quran. I miss searching for laylatul qadr by doing more qiyam in the last 10 nights. I miss everyone getting togather due to the earlier ramadan timings. I miss everyone listening out for the maghrib adhan. I miss sending and recieving iftari plates full of food.

    Although I miss ramadan alot but writing this comment and reading other peoples comments makes me realise that actually we could still be doing all those things and continuing to feel that blessed feeling.
    Inshallah we should try to prepare for the next ramadan by doing some of those lovely “ramadan” things if we really did miss them so much theres nothing stopping us from doing some of those things now!
    Umm Muawiyah, Jazakillah khair for asking this question becoz it has made me think of reinstating some of those things inshallah! How quickly we forget and get decieved by shaytan. we dont have to wait for ramadan to do good deeds so id urge everyone reading this to pick some or even one of their usuall ramadan habits and start doing it again…

  8. Shireen
    Jan 21 2011

    Well had u asked me this question few months back I’d say “the Iftar parties”

    but alhamdulillah it’s changed now so here it goes

    1. Getting up in seher eating with family, seeing my parents actively reminding my siblings and I not to even think of sleeping before praying fajr

    2. Reciting Quran after fajr and witnessing beautiful cold mornings (I go to ind for Ramadan)

    3. Attending taraweeh

    4. Greed for attaining large amounts of hassanaat as they get multiplied

    5. A complete Islamic atmosphere at my house sadly until Iftar

    6. The super long duas before the sunset, the hope of reward and the fear of the fast not being accepted

    Above all the eagerness to change life and get more closer to Allah swt

  9. Umm Muawiyah
    Feb 16 2011

    Assalamu Alaikum.

    Jazakunnallahu kheira to all of you for your input.


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