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June 1, 2011


8 more weeks to go…

by Umm Muawiyah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum.

Yes, just 8 more weeks to go before The Greatest Month is here.

I have a feeling that, like me, you find it both depressing and exciting.

Depressing – because we haven’t prepared much for it.

Exciting – because we all love Ramadan.

So, what do we need to work on during these 8 weeks?

Well, to summarise my previous posts, we need to:

1) Improve the quality and quantity of our salaah (prayer)

2) Increase the amount of time that we spend with the Quran

3) Improve our Arabic so that we benefit from both points 1 and 2 above

4) Make up any missed fasts or start doing some voluntary fasts (for those who have no missed fasts to make up)

5) Improve our health and fitness

6) Learn the fiqh of fasting and other aspects of Ramadan (for those who haven’t done so already)

In case you’re wondering why I didn’t mention “improve our character”, that’s because I personally believe that Points 1, 2 and 4 will help do that. However, that’s a topic for a later blog post, insha-Allah.

That’s just a short list of some of the things that we need to work on.

Insha-Allah, I will try to go over all of them in more detail in future posts.

A question for all of you: Is there anything else that you’d like me to cover? If so, please let me know, insha-Allah.

I’ll have more time starting from next week so I plan to:

a) Dedicate the next two months solely to all the Ramadan series, meaning that I won’t be putting up the websites/books/articles/lectures that I usually do.

Your thoughts? Look, if you want me to continue putting them on this blog, then just say so.

As I’ve said before, this is not my blog, rather this is our blog so your opinions do matter.

b) Finish all the pending series, insha-Allah.

c) Write in more detail about various scenarios e.g. how pregnant women can benefit from Ramadan or how those that work and study at the same time can find time for the ibaadah (worship) during Ramadan.

Any more ideas?

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  1. farishta
    Jun 1 2011

    hey plz dnt stop puttin up articles and books i like thm very much
    and yea even if u put up stuff abt ramadan thn plz attach something
    inshaALLAH if u cnt its fine anywyaz

    • Umm Muawiyah
      Aug 12 2011

      Wa Alaikum Assalam.

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Insha-Allah, I’ll resume putting up the articles and books after Ramadan.

  2. Abdul Gani
    Jun 2 2011

    MashaAllah-Jazak Allah it is indeed a noble Reminder.
    May Allah guide us all towards the Ramadan karim.

    • Umm Muawiyah
      Aug 12 2011

      Assalamu Alaikum.

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Wa iyyaak.

      Ameen to your dua.


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