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June 16, 2011


5 things that we can (and should) do in Ramadan…

by Umm Muawiyah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum.

I was thinking about the areas that we mess up in the most during this great month. What are the things that we could (and should) do that would help us improve our Ramadan?


1) We can (and should) sleep less.

Yes, yes, I know. You might say: “Hey most of us sleep less during this month!”

I beg to differ. I think that people snooze more in this month (or at least that’s what the people in this part of the world do) than they do outside of it.

This is NOT the month of “catching up on our sleep”.

2) We can (and should) stop wasting our time with useless activities, and instead focus on our ibaadah (worship).

Want to surf the Internet? Well, do it after Ramadan.

Part of the reason that we waste our time is that we have deceived ourselves into thinking that fasting is only achieved by staying hungry and as we are staying hungry, we are in a state of worship.

Well, no, there’s much more to fasting than just starving.

3) We can (and should) eat  healthy food.

Yes, we can. Really.

Just stand in front of the mirror and repeat it a hundred times. Mass repetition is known to help the brain accept an idea, no matter how impossible it sounds.

[Oh and we can (and should) eat less as well. That would really end many a woman’s kitchen nightmares….]

4) We can (and should) stop fighting with each other in the masjid.

Completely silly question: Is there any particular reason that we all single out Ramadan for masjid fights……..?

5) We can (and should) take it hour by hour and not think too far ahead.

One of the main reasons that many of us flunk in Ramadan is that we go all out in the first few days and then fizzle out early. Instead, we need to take things step by step.

Question to all of you (if you’re still around. Everyone seems to have disappeared?): What other things are there that we can (and should) do in order to have a great Ramadan?

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  1. Ayaah
    Jun 16 2011

    -Increase in one’s connection to the Qur’aan

    -Not to sleep after Fajr

    -To be consistent in good deeds

    -Stop the sins of the tongue, namely, backbiting

    -Stop over-indulging (and for parents, stop forcing your kids to over-eat and fill up huge plates) at Iftar time

    -Sleep qaylula (in the West, for example in the UK, this Sunnah is difficult to implement on weekdays when one would be at school/work during this time, but as Ramadaan will be in the summer, those studying should be on holiday, as well as those working in schools, so they can implement this sunnah at least during this blessed time bi ithnillah

    -Recite Qur’aan in the early hours

    -To make duaa in the last third of the night (even though many of us might follow the sunnah of delaying the suhoor, we fail to make duaa at this time, even though we’re actually awake to witness it)

    -To make duaa at the time of breaking one’s fast

    -To recite as the mu’adhin recites, and to make duaa between the adhaan and the Iqamah
    -To pray salaah in the masjid

    -For women… please, sisters, do not spend all your time in this beloved month in the kitchen! Tell the brothers and the kids that it is a month of feeding, NOT eating. Eat less, be moderate, and don’t make oily extravagent food that’ll only make you feel bloated, sick, and leave you unable to pray taraweeh later on at night.

    -For those cooking, do dhikr and recite the Qur’aan from memory, and play the recitation of the Qur’aan in the kitchen, for barakah so you maximise your time with the Qur’aan, and make good intentions, i.e. getting the reward for feeding a fasting person, feeding your family to please Allah (s.w.t) and granting the believers strength and nourishment in order to aid them in continuing in the ibadah of Allah (s.w.t)…Also, thank Allah for providing you with the blessing of food and water form whcih to break your fast and be of those who are grateful to Him (s.w.t)

    -Hifz; eg, have a hifz group for brothers and for sisters where you have a small group of people who live near you (try to get your neighbours to come as well to strengthen ties with them, and with family, and friends ect) and help each other in applying tajwid, memorising the Qur’aan, going through the translation, and to study the tafseer of the Qur’aan

    -To focus and try to attain khushoo in salah

    -To increase in maiking duaa, and duaa for one’s brothers and sisters

    -To forgive any who might have wronged you, and pray for forgiveness if you have wronged anyone

    -To quote Muhammad Alshareef, ‘no excuses, just results’ so make your plans and goals and, work towards them, make dua, and have trust in Allah to allow you to reach your goals, but YOU have to take that FIRST STEP in order to reach your goals, or as the sister here said , if you traverse a path, you shall reach the end of that path, bi ithnillah

    -To focus on different aspects of ibadah, but 3 main ones would be to do with Salah, the Qur’aan and the Sunnah

    -Even when sisters cannot recite the Qur’aan, learn and start to implement a new sunnah, duaa, ect, and teach it to others

    -Organise yourself and your goals before Ramadan, so that you’re prepared for its arrival

    May Allah allow us to reach this beloved month of Ramadaan and allow this Ramadan to be our best Ramadaan so far, and the Ramadaan that is most pleasing to You, out of all the Ramadaans we have passed so far in our lifetimes, and bless us with the highest levels of Jannatul Firdous, and bless my treachers, out of Your Mercy, and draw us close to You, Aameen.

    (forgive me if there are any mistakes in what I’ve written, bi ithnillah feel free to correct them before approving the comment, jazakallah khairan; whatvever benefit one finds from this is from Allah, and whatever shortcomigns or mistakes there may be are from myself and shaytaan, may Allah forgive us all and have mercy upon us and accept us and that which we do for His sake and keep us sincere upon this beloved path of Islaam, aameen.)

    • R
      Jun 17 2011

      I love all of these!!! I am going to pinch them. To this I only have to add is recite dua that Allah swt enables us to make the most of Rajab, Shaban and to reach Ramadan. Inshallah.

      • Ayaah
        Jun 17 2011

        Aameen, and may Allah make this Ramadaan our best Ramadaan so far in our lifetime, but more than that; I pray that this Ramadaan is the most beloved Ramadaan of ours for Allah (s.w.t), for our Lord (s.w.t), as well as ourselves, and that everything we do therein is done sincerely, that the One in whose hands rests our hearts keeps them firm upon His path, that the One who knows that which we conceal within these beating chambers forgives that which is displeasing to Him and increases us in that which is pleasing to Him (s.w.t), and that the One who places the light of guidance into the hearts of those of His servants whom He wishes to guide guides us and those close to us to the path of this beautiful way of life, especially those of us who may have family who are either non-Muslim, or non-practising in this religion, since we love these people in this world, but what pain would we feel if they, if we ourselves, were to enter the Hellfire, that only Allah, out of His mercy, can save us from?

        Fill our hearts with love and mercy and concern for one another, O our Lord, exalted are You, and we pray that You bestow upon us the attributes of the believers and make us like the ones that came before us, in their closeness to You, and we ask that You send peace and blessings upon Your Beloved, Sayyidinah Muhammad (s.a.w), his family, his Companions, the early generations, and those that follow them with righteousness, those that hold firm to the Qur’aan and the Sunnah, to the rope of Allah (s.w.t), in this Deen, until the Day of Judgement, and we pray that You grant us an easy reckoning, and elevate us, so that we may be of the people of Jannatul Firdous, in the company of Your Messenger (s.a.w), close to You in eternal bliss with those we loved for Your sake in this world, and I pray that You bless my teachers, whom I love for Your sake and pleasure, and bestow Your Rahma upon them, and place tranquillity within their hearts as they turn to You, and bless them and draw them close to You, Aaameen.

  2. ummrayan
    Jun 17 2011

    wa alaikummassalam

    i dont think that any body will leave you after reading your mails . [ or I’m not gona leave you]

    6) we can (and should) smile always[especially to OUR kids because patience is easypeesy job with the neighbour’s kids] . show good akhlaaq to our kids despite our tiredness of fasting and sleeping less.

    try always to remind YOURSELF (and not others ) that your fasting . so it is you who should
    be modest and patient and not the ones around you.

    7) Allah said in surah al furqaaan

    And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the ignorant address them [harshly], they say [words of] peace,

    so we can (and should) speak good only

    which insha ALLAH our sister will help us in her daily dose [habit#2] before ramadan

    [sorry i was saying you you always but in my mind it is me me me only]

  3. Imad-ud-din Saqib
    Jun 23 2011

    Jazakallaah khair! Great tips!
    Last year, I wrote an article on Ramadan tips which I hope you’ll find beneficial. I am posting a link below.
    *Link Removed*
    Jazakallaah khair again for your efforts.

    • Umm Muawiyah
      Jun 26 2011

      Assaalamu Alaikum Brother.

      Wa iyyaka.

      Your article was wonderful, masha-Allah, and I would have loved to linked to it. However, I will not due to the presence of some articles on your blog that I disagree with (from an aqeedah perspective).

      I hope you understand that this is nothing personal. It is just that I will be asked on the Last Day about everything I write or link to on my blogs.


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