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Book: Causes Behind the Increase and Decrease of Iman

Assalamu Alaikum.

I can’t believe it.

Can’t believe what, you ask?

I can’t believe that I forgot to share this wonderful book with all of you.

It’s called “Causes Behind the Increase and Decrease of Iman” and it’s by Shaikh Abdur Razzaq Al-Abbad (of “The Most Excellent Manner of Seeking Forgiveness” fame).

If you have to choose a book to read, then read this one. It really is quite wonderful.

Here you go: Causes Behind the Increase and Decrease of Iman.


Kashmir Orphanage Project

Assalamu Alaikum.

I just got this by email. Some sisters are trying to collect money for Kashmiri orphans (no, I don’t know if they mean the Indian side or the Pakistani side, nor do I care. Muslims are Muslims are Muslims are Muslims.)

It’s sad to read what’s happening there. Seriously, most of us are so involved in our own world. We should be grateful to Allah that we’re in a safe country and we should express this gratitude by helping out the people who don’t have what we have.

You may call the numbers given to found out more. It seems like a good project, masha-Allah. May Allah reward the sisters involved.

PS. For those of you who want to be more involved in these kind of activities, Dar Al Ber has an orphan sponsoring program too (AED 100 for sponsoring an orphan abroad and AED 300 for sponsoring an orphan locally). They also have other stuff like building masjids and wells,  providing iftaar, zakaatul fitr, etc. Very nice stuff.

And they don’t just help people within the UAE. They  help out in places as far away as Azerbaijan and Sri Lanka.


View the flyer with the details here.

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatulahir wa barakaatahu sisters,

With very little and negligible media exposure to the ongoing atrocities in the war torn disputed  valley  of kashmir,all of us as muslims are required to do our bit. Whilst there are many unattended needs of widows, raped vistims, innocent families of missing sons/fathers, devasted families of youth murdered, and many more.we are Inshaallah ,  taking the first step towards doing our bit, with help of Allah towards the dire need of orphans left behind without homes and families in the valley.

please see the flyer attached. feel free to call or email for any enquiries .
please spread the word to all your friends and families.your one email can bring hope and smile for an orphan in distress, inshaaalah and your investment for your Aakhirah.

note: dont ignore this email, if you cannot contribute then just forward to as many people as you can and earn the rewards.

Teensie-Weensie Reminder (Day 9): Time to assess our Ramadan…- Part 2

Assalamu Alaikum.

So, I’m in a better mood today, alhamdulillah. [Read Part 1 and then you’ll understand what I’m talking about.]

I’ll try not to be catty today (at least not as much as yesterday). Yes, I’ll be Umm Muawiyah and not Umm Meowiyah.

[And I’ve learnt my lesson about writing when I’m half-asleep.]

So, where am I headed with these reminders? The first few were on where we should be going (i.e. aiming for the top), the next few will be on where we are today (i.e. our totally sad state of existence) and the ones after that will be some practical tips on how we can go from being the losers that we are today into being the winners that we want to be.

If we want to be the winners in the hereafter, we don’t just dream about it. We need to be obsessed with attaining it, do dua consistently, make a plan for getting there and then stick to the plan as much as possible. As I keep telling my students: “Paradise is not just going to fall into our laps. We have to earn it.”

So, now that 9 days have passed, let’s continue with our Ramadan assessment:

10) The Month of Istighfaar (seeking forgiveness)

Doing istighfaar is something that is a trait of the true believers.

The whole irony is that the more one increases in good deeds and decreases in sins, the more need one will feel to do istighfaar. And the more one increases in sins and decreases in good deeds, the less need one will feel to do istighfaar.

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