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Assalamu Alaikum.

I discovered another Ramadan e-book in my e-library: The Fast of Ramadan by Shaikh Muhammad ibn Jameel Zino.

Some points that I noted as I quickly browsed through the book:

1) It’s very simple but he has covered just about all the topics related to Ramadan.

2) It’s extremely well-organised.

I remembered something as I browsed through it: the greater and more knowledgeable the author, the simpler the book. Don’t believe me? Just take a few books of the top scholars* of today and compare them to the books of the students of knowledge and you’ll see what I mean. The scholars have a simplicity to their writing that will really touch you.

[Unfortunately, this word is overused in our time. There are very few scholars in the world. For example, the UAE has NO scholars – although there are many people of knowledge here, alhamdulillah.

Who decides who is a scholar and who isn’t? Well, the scholars themselves. decide. When the scholars accept a person as a scholar, well then, he is a scholar.]



Assalamu Alaikum.

Don’t we all just love Islam Q and A?

[Okay, I don’t know about you but I love it.]

Islam House has done us all a great favour by compiling most of the Ramadan related rulings from Islam Q and A into one book. So, here it is: Rulings pertaining to Ramadan.

Two points to note:

1) The first part of the book is a book in itself. It’s called Seventy Matters Related to Fasting and I’ve already mentioned it.

2) Make sure that you get other opinions. I’m not saying that there are mistakes in the book. Regardless of whether the book is completely accurate or not, one should get in the habit of checking from more than one source. Otherwise, it becomes a case of blind following.