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Assalamu Alaikum.

Don’t we all just love Islam Q and A?

[Okay, I don’t know about you but I love it.]

Islam House has done us all a great favour by compiling most of the Ramadan related rulings from Islam Q and A into one book. So, here it is: Rulings pertaining to Ramadan.

Two points to note:

1) The first part of the book is a book in itself. It’s called Seventy Matters Related to Fasting and I’ve already mentioned it.

2) Make sure that you get other opinions. I’m not saying that there are mistakes in the book. Regardless of whether the book is completely accurate or not, one should get in the habit of checking from more than one source. Otherwise, it becomes a case of blind following.



Assalamu Alaikum.

Want a summarised lecture of all the important Ramadan rules?

Here goes:

[Note: In the first part, the brother states that Itikaaf for women can be done at home. In the second part, he clarifies this and states that it is only allowed in the masjid for both men and women. This is the opinion of the majority and it is the correct opinion when one follows the evidence and not one’s own desires.

And by this last statement, I am not referring to 1) the scholars who said that women should do itikaaf at home, and 2) the people who truly believe that this is the correct view and 3) the people who follow this opinion because the other opinion has not reached them. I am referring to 1) the men who use this fatwa because their wives/daughters to do itikaaf and they don’t want them to go to the masjid and 2) the women who wish to do an “easy” itikaaf and don’t want to trouble themselves by going to the masjid.]

Ramadan Rulings By Brother Moosa Khoory

[Note: There seems to be something wrong with the audio so I’m linking you to the site which contains the video.]

Part 1

Part 2