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Assalamu Alaikum.

I’ve already talked about The Heartwheel Journal.

Was that too complicated for you? Well, here are some more planners:

Ramadan Planner 1

Ramadan Planner 2

Ramadan Planner 3 (Intro, Commitment, Timetable and Planner) [Note: The Planner has the Dubai timings of 2008.] The original version is here.

Ramadan Planner 4

Ramadan Planner 5 (This is an adaptation of the Heartwheel Journal.)

I think most of you have may come across these before. A small suggestion: Look at all of them and then prepare your own.

Also, please understand a very important fact: these activities are not confined to Ramadan. This month is just the starting point so that we can train ourselves to keep doing these good deeds on a regular basis.

Got any more planners? If so, please do share them.