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Lecture Series: One Step Closer

Assalamu Alaikum.

In an earlier post, I had linked to a lot of Huda TV’s Ramadan programs.

I didn’t mention one and ironically, it seems to have been one of the best programs. It’s called “One Step Closer” and it was hosted by Brother Mutasim Al-Hameedee. It offered practical solutions to increase one’s iman.

Now, even though it’s not Ramadan anymore, I think that we should still watch this series.

For those of you who claim that they “don’t have time”, why don’t you download these onto your iPhone or whatever (now you know which phone I have), and at least watch it at those times when you’re reduced to watching the flies flying around (like when you’re waiting for your doctor).

You can download the entire series from here.

Here’s a little summary of some of the episodes.


Lecture Series: Ramadan changed me

Assalamu Alaikum.

Perhaps the title should have been “I hope Ramadan will change me”, you say?

Nah. That’s too negative. “Ramadan changed me” is better because it causes one to believe that Ramadan HAS to change them, which will lead them to take the required steps.

So, here’s the series. It’s from Al-Huda TV (I had previously mentioned their Ramadan episodes here.)


Ramadan Changed Me by Ramiz Ibrahim

Part 1: Change Yourself

Part 2: Intention and Action

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Assalamu Alaikum.

Al Huda TV had loads of Ramadan programs last year, and they’ve all been recorded and uploaded by a brother, may Allah reward him greatly.

In fact, he’s also uploaded the other programs.

You can download the regular programs here (you need to go to the thread of each series) and the Ramadan programs here.

As for the 2010 programs, I believe you can view them directly from the Al-Huda site:

Hate downloading and like to view videos online? Well, some of them can be found online here, here, here, here and here.

Please note: I don’t necessarily agree with all the videos that these brothers have uploaded. I’m just pointing out the Al-Huda programs to all of you.