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Posts tagged ‘Islamic Classes in Dubai’


Upcoming course for sisters on Fiqh of Dawah and Ibaadah

Assalamu Alaikum.

Markaz Al Huda is offering a short intensive course on the Fiqh of Dawah and Ibaadah. It’s being taught by Brother Muhammad Salah (of Al-Huda TV fame).

Please see the flyer below for more information:

[Click on the flyer to enlarge it.]

Note: The course is not free (sorry). It’s AED 200 per person.

Also, the last date for registration is the 8th. It seems that there aren’t many spaces left so if you’re interested in joining the course, please hurry!

Please pass on this information to all our sisters in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman (especially those that keep complaining about the lack of classes around!).

Jazakumullahu kheira.


Ramadan Awareness Event in Dubai for Women of all faiths

Assalamu Alaikum.

Alhamdulillah, there are many non-Muslims that are dying to know more about Islam.

[If you sit in front of Fox or CNN all day long, then this is probably news to you.]

The sisters at Al Huda have a Ramadan Awareness event this week for women of all religions who would like to know more about the greatest month of the year:

[It’s a free event and there’s no registration.]

Please spread the word!

[And please don’t say: ‘Nobody will be interested”. Some of the Companions of the Prophet (salallahu alaihi wasallam) used to be the biggest enemies of Islam before they converted but then Allah caused their hearts to change. You never know.]


Ramadan Warm up Talk TONIGHT for Sisters in Dubai

Assalamu Alaikum.

As mentioned in an earlier post, we do have lots going on in the UAE (especially in Dubai, although people from outside have this misconception that we only have tall buildings and disco clubs here!)

Sister Eman’s talk is tomorrow:

[Update: Please note the change in venue.]

For those sisters that are working and can’t attend in the mornings, Sister Qadria (who’s supposed to be as awesome as Sister Eman) will be having a talk tonight at 8:45 pm in the Dubai Ladies Club.

Please spread the word.

Jazakumullahu kheira.