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Seriously Short Reminder No. 5 – Be a giver, not just a taker…

Assalamu Alaikum.

Too often, we just like to take.

We just listen to reminders, but we don’t remind others.

We take gifts, but we don’t give any.

We get smiled at but we don’t smile back.

We want to be helped in times of calamities, but we don’t help out others in their times of calamities.

It’s just all about us. We take and take and take and take.

Yet, that’s the polar opposite of what a muhsin is.

A muhsin – one who worships Allah as though he sees Him –  is a giver, through and through, not a taker. He gives and gives and gives and gives.

Remember: There are no rewards for taking but there are lots of rewards for giving.