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Project “Recover Ramadan” – Step 4: Remember your glorious past

Assalamu Alaikum.

“Glorious” past, you ask? What “glorious” past???

Allow me to explain.

I’ve met many sisters who tell me how they used to be more practicing in the past, and that depresses them.

Yes, it is quite depressing to remember the times when you were a much better Muslim and realise that it was in the past, not in the present.

And to some degree, all of us have been through this. We look back at those glorious times (which occur in Ramadan a lot of the time) and feel sad that we are not anything like we used to be.

Here’s where a change of perspective can work wonders. Rather than letting the past depress you, let it MOTIVATE you.

How? Well, tell me, who was that praying on time? Who was that who was spending so much time with the Quran? Who was that doing all those good deeds?

Past or present aside, that was YOU, not somebody else. Therefore, you know that you CAN do all these things, simply because you’ve already done it before.

So, if you can get to that level once, then don’t you think that getting there a second time will be easier, simply because you know for a surety that you can do it?

So, what do you do? Think about the time when your iman was at its highest level and resolve to get there again, insha-Allah.

After all, the second time is always easier (for most things anyway!).