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Seriously Short Reminder No. 14: Don’t forget to do dua for…

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum.

Do dua for who?

The Muslims around the world.

We need to realise three things:

1) In Islam, nationalism is a despised thing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the Muslims in Iraq, or the Muslims in Pakistan, or the Muslims in China, or the Muslims in Palestine, or the Muslims in Egypt or the Muslims in Libya, etc, we need to do dua for ALL of them because they are ALL our people.

It’s very sad to see many Muslims just get upset when other Muslims of their “own” nationality get hurt or killed, and not worry when the same thing happens to Muslims of “other” nationalities.

I’m sorry but that goes against the whole concept of loving for the sake of Allah.

2) We need to remember to do dua for all our brothers and sisters in need.

One day, we’re sad about Palestine. A few months later, we’ve forgotten about them and moved on to Pakistan. A few months after that, we’ve forgotten about them and moved on to Egypt.

Now, we’re all thinking about Libya.

Yes, they need our duas at the moment but so do the Uyghurs in China, the people who suffered the floods in Pakistan, the people of Iraq who are still in bad shape, the people of Somalia who still don’t have a stable government after all these years, the Muslims in many European countries who cannot practice their religion freely and are losing ground day by day, etc.

I could go on and on.

By the way, the most important dua that we should do for ourselves and them is dua for guidance, because guidance is more important than anything else as only the guided ones will enter Paradise.

3) We need to help ourselves and help them.

Dua is just one way. We also need to educate ourselves and others about the tawheed of Allah, as this is the solution to all our problems.

Also, many of our brothers and sisters don’t have basic necessities like food, shelter, etc.

We need to do things step by step. We should start with those around us and then work from there.

If each of us did this, we’d see a big change in our ummah, insha-Allah.


A little box that will make a LOT of difference…(please read!)

Assalamu Alaikum.

What box, you say?

The box that each and every one of us is going to pack, insha-Allah, in this Month of Brotherhood, in order to send to our ailing brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

[And no, I’m not a Pakistani and I don’t care if you are not either.  We’re all helping out so keep reading. This is our chance to PROVE that we actually care about others. Remember that Allah is the All-Hearer and All-Seer. ]

[I know, I know. You’re like “She’s forcing us to send!”

Of course I am. If I try using sweetie-sweetie tactics, how many people do you think will help out? This is why I’m using the “tough love” approach.]

It’s amazing that everyone is always so concerned about Taraweeh in Ramadan but many of us are not concerned about helping our brothers and sisters. The former is recommended but the latter is an obligation.

I’m one of those that has been at fault. I’ve been in my own world and finally crawled out today, alhamdulillah.

So, what are we all going to do? We’re all going to take advantage of the PIA’s kind offer to ship these help boxes to Pakistan for support.

[A question to those who might not be very interested in doing that: Do you REALLY think that you can gain Allah’s Forgiveness in this month by just praying, fasting  and reading the Quran whilst leaving your own brethren to die???]

Here’s what we’re all going to do, insha-Allah:

[If you’ve already done it, then do it all over again. C’mon, it’s Ramadan.]

1) Watch the following video:

Masha-Allah, the brother has explained things very well.

The list is here:

However, PLEASE watch the video otherwise you’ll get confused.

I was like “Box of Chocolates”? Then he explained that the children never get to eat good quality chocolate and were very happy doing so. That makes sense: glucose + making them happy.

2) Go to the supermarket as soon as possible and buy the stuff.

[And PLEASE: don’t try to save money and buy cheap stuff. Buy the stuff that you would buy for yourself. This is true faith when you give your brother what you love for yourself, remember. So, please buy good stuff. (I’m thinking about buying Cadbury chocolates, insha-Allah. What about you?)]

3) Call the PIA representative in your country.

The Dubai Guy is :

Javed Riaz 00971503974915

4) Nag all your friends and family into helping out either by calling them or email them.

Or if they can’t be nagged, try to butter them up. Whatever works.

5) Please repeat steps 1-4. C’mon, it’s Ramadan.

If you lose motivation, just keep remembering your fabulous house in Paradise.