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The New Muslim blog (finally!)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum.

Yes, today is the day (where I finally cross a big activity off my huge Pending Tasks list).

[For those who missed the story, I had promised someone on this blog that I would launch the new Muslim blog weeks ago.

My apologies to both the brother and the sister who have been waiting for this blog. I hope that it was worth the wait though.]

Before I give you the blog link, let me mention a few things:

1) The blog is still quite bare.

I didn’t want to post a whole lot of things before I launched the blog. The readers might have found it difficult to catch up with all the information.

[The blog is going in a step by step manner. If you look at the order of the posts, you’ll realise that.]

I need to add a lot more things, insha-Allah and I will, step by step.

Will it be daily? That depends. If the readers want it to be daily, it will be daily, insha-Allah.

2) The personal touch is still not there.

Someone just pointed out that she couldn’t see the “personal” side of that blog, unlike the Ramadan blog. [Okay, I’m paraphrasing the words.]

Insha-Allah, it will come soon.

This blog will have lots of little bits of advice to get our new brothers and sisters moving along.

3) I need your help.

Yes, all of you.

I’d like the non new-Muslims (old Muslims?) to participate in this blog as well. Remember this blog is for new Muslims and I’d like them to feel part of a community.

The first thing that I’d like you to do is to check the blog and give me your input:

[And please keep in mind what I wrote above: that there will be more changes to the blog now that it’s gone live.]

For those who are too shy to leave comments, you may leave your feedback below:

I hope that this blog will be off some benefit for those who are new to Islam, insha-Allah.