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Article: Keeping a Daily Relationship with the Quran

Assalamu Alaikum.

Yes, the Quran.

The most important book in our lives.

So why is it that in most households, the newspapers get read more often than the Quran?

It’s true, you know. Ask a person to tell you the latest news and then ask him/her to summarise Surah Al-Ankabut and the lessons found therein….

So, what do we do?

Do we moan and groan?

No, we don’t. We first read the following great article and then we take action ASAP. [Oh and we also start a Quran Journal.]

Keeping a Daily Relationship with the Quran by Productive Muslim

He starts off by destroying all our excuses and then proceeds to give us some useful advice. Good stuff.


What a scholar’s daily routine looks like…

Assalamu Alaikum.

When people read the stories of the Prophets (alaihimissalam) or that of the Sahaabah (radiallahu anhum), many of them (due to their ignorance) complain that this was centuries ago and that life has changed*.

[*A word of advice: One should be very careful of what one says as this is a dangerous statement. Why? Well, Allah sent these people as examples for us until the end of time. So if one says that these examples are too old, or out of date, then what exactly are they saying about Allah? And we seek refuge with Allah from such misguidance.]

Well, nothing has changed because Allah is Ever-Living. What do I mean by that?

Well, Allah was the one who aided his righteous servants in the past and blessed them in their endeavors. And He is the one who aids his righteous servants in the present and blesses them in their endeavors (and may He make us of them). So what really matters is how righteous one is, not which century one lives in.

More proof?

Here’s the daily routine of one of the great scholars of recent times (he died in 1956), Shaikh Abdur Rahman ibn Nasir As-Saadi (rahimahullah). He lived such a simple, yet highly productive life. This should show us that one can have this kind of life even in this day and age* (and not just in Ramadan).

May Allah grant him Al-Firdaus.

[*Of course, there will always be those fools who say that he lived decades ago and that life is vastly different now. Well, as one of my professors said, not every fool needs to be replied to. If someone believes that it is not possible to live a life close to that of the early generations, then that’s their problem, and they’ll be the losers in the end. Ultimately, these are just excuses because these kind of people do NOT want to become righteous so they blame everybody and everything except themselves. May Allah save us from such misguidance.]


Lecture: Is it the End or just the Beginning?

Assalamu Alaikum.

Okay, this isn’t a lecture per se, it’s just a short reminder from Productive Ramadan.

I  mentioned this website during Ramadan. It was really quite nice. They sent out iman boosting tips via email (I needed that). Now they’ve moved back to their parent page:

It’s quite nice and the concept is wonderful, masha-Allah. May Allah reward Brother Muhammad (he’s the one behind the website).

[Note: They’re working on a new website and are looking for duas, donations and sponsorships. Why not help out?]

Here’s the reminder (and a much needed one at that):

Is it the End or just the Beginning?


3 Websites: 1000 Good Deeds, TJ Ramadan and Ramadhan Planner

Assalamu Alaikum.

I was searching for one thing and then I came across something totally different but equally wonderful.

Website # 1

A sister had asked how children can be kept occupied during Ramadan rather than waiting for iftar. Well, I have a long reply in mind but for now I’d suggest that all those who have the same problem, first read this post and then visit the following site:

It’s absolutely fantastic. They have mentioned so many good deeds, along with the evidence.

Website # 2

It’s from the same person who wrote the post that I linked to above.

[Note: The main blog which I linked to also has many Ramadan goodies for kiddies. Be sure to check that out as well.]

Here’s the sister’s Ramadan site and its blog:

Website # 3

Another Ramadan blog…..

Great minds do indeed think alike.

It’s got some great stuff (including fatwas, planners, etc)

It also has a sister site (Ramadan crafts):

Very nice indeed.

May Allah reward all the people behind all three websites. They’ve obviously put in lot of effort.

PS. I think all three of them deserved their own posts but I thought I could save more time this way….


More Ramadan planners…

Assalamu Alaikum.

Remember the Productive Ramadan Website? Well, it’s online! And it’s quite nice indeed. May Allah reward those behind this project.

And they sent out three goodies before their launch.

1) A lecture entitled “Secrets to a Productive Ramadan” – It was simple and short but you know what? I liked it a lot especially the ayah (verse) he kept quoting. It was like listening to the ayah for the first time…

Here’s the audio: Secrets to a Productive Ramadan by Brother Mohammad (Download).

You can listen to it online here. [Sorry, the wordpress audio thingy isn’t working.]

2) A planner called the Ramadan Taskinator. Very nice. (I’m using it).

3) A planner called the Habitator. Also, very nice. (I’m using this too).

I should point out one thing: if you want to be productive, you HAVE to work hard. There are no shortcuts.