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Teensie-Weensie Reminder (Day 10): Time to assess our Ramadan…- Part 3

Assalamu Alaikum.

[For those of you who haven’t read the first two parts, here you go: Part 1 and Part 2.]

[Just a note: An anonymous person wrote a comment criticizing something that I said in Part 2. I had no problem with that. All comments are welcome.

However, this individual used MY email address when typing in the comment. (You cannot submit a comment without typing in a valid email address.)

That REALLY annoyed me. I don’t mind being criticized but I hate lies and cowardice, especially considering the fact that this is Ramadan.

Why am I telling you all this? Simple. If you wish to write a comment in the future, then please don’t make the mistake of using my email address, just because you want to remain anonymous. You can either create a new email address for this purpose or else please refrain from commenting. If I see that anybody has used my email address for writing a comment, I’ll delete the comment then and there. I don’t like dealing with liars and cowards.]

Okay, so now that I’ve said what I had to say (I always say what I have to say, don’t I?), let’s continue with our checklist:

18) The Month of Integrity

Ah. Integrity.

What integrity is NOT: using the blog owner’s email address to write an anonymous comment.

What integrity IS: using your OWN email address to air your comments. And if you happen to behave in a manner other than that, then you should be willing to apologize. [Yes, this individual really did annoy me. May Allah forgive her.]

In the last 10 days, did our integrity improve? Were we honest in our dealings?

Do you know how Islam spread to places like Indonesia and Malaysia? Through honest Muslim traders. The people of those lands were totally amazed at how honest these individuals were with their business dealings.

I’ll tell you two stories that happened to me:

1) Many years ago, paid parking was introduced in our parking lot. So, in the beginning (before we all got the parking cards), I used to rush down every hour to get the ticket. Sometimes, I would put in AED 5 for two hours. (AED = Arab Emirate Dirhams.)

One day, I didn’t have any change so I went to the light shop under my house to get change for AED 5. There was an old south Indian Hindu man there. I knew him well because he had worked there for years and I had basically grown up in that building. So I asked him for change. He only had AED 4.75 so I gave him the AED 5 bill and took the change.

That was that, right? I mean, who would care about 25 fils? A quarter of a dirham? He did.

He come up to me a few days later and gave me the 25 fils. I was shocked and told him not to worry about it. He insisted that I take it because he couldn’t keep it. Subhan Allah.

I was so sad that this kind of integrity came from a non-Muslim and not a Muslim. We’re usually too ashamed to even return such a small amount in case the other person laughs at us.

[He left for India a few years ago. If I had to choose one person in the entire world that I would want Allah to guide to Islam, it would be him. I ask Allah by His Beautiful Names that He guide this man to Islam for this act that he did. Ameen.] Read more »


Teensie-Weensie Reminder (Day 7): Give yourself a chance…

Assalamu Alaikum.

[Again, sorry for the poor editing. It’s already late so I don’t have time to fix it.]

[Note: By now I’m pretty sure that everybody (and by this I mean the few of you who actively follow the blog) has figured out that my teensie-weensie reminders are not at all teensie-weensie. So why do still refer to them as such? Well:

1) It’s nasty changing the name mid-way through the series, isn’t it?

2) For me, they’re quite teensie-weensie because if given a chance, I could ramble on forever.

3) If I called them “Longie-Wongie Reminder”, then nobody would check.

So, I’m sticking with the name.]

Give myself a chance to do what, you ask?

Give yourself a chance to be great in the sight of Allah.

Okay, I can sense your confusion. Everyone wants to be great, right? Especially in the sight of Allah.

Therefore, everyone gives themselves a chance, right?

Nope and let me tell you why:

1) When you read the Quran and come across the stories of those whom had Allah has praised, do you yearn to be amongst them?

To the sisters, when you come across the following ayah (verse), what thought runs through your mind:

Read more »


Teensie-Weensie Reminder (Day 3): Remember that Ramadan will soon end

Assalamu Alaikum.

Ramadan will soon end, you say? It just began!

Yeah, and before you know it, we’ll be in Shawwal.

That’s what happens every year, isn’t it?

We have two major problems:

1) We spend the whole day looking forward to iftar (i.e. the food).

2) We forget about Allah at the time of iftar. We remember Him again at Taraweeh and then proceed to forget about Him until Fajr.

And the days go by and Ramadan comes to an end with us having done close to nothing…

So what can we do about it? Well, we can change our tactics.

This year I have a new tactic called “dread iftar”.


Dread Iftar.

Why? Because when iftar comes, one more day of Ramadan will have ended (remember the day is from sunset to sunset) and every iftar brings the end of Ramadan closer.

So, how does this “dread iftar” tactic work? You basically try to pack in a lot of ibaadah and efforts before the time of iftar.  Rather than waiting for the time of iftar, you actually wish it would not come and race against the clock to finish all the important work (i.e. the ibaadah).

Why is the pre-iftar time better than the post-iftar time? Because you are already in a state of ibaadah (i.e. fasting) in the pre-iftar time. So, imagine that you’re reading the Quran after Asr. You’re in the middle of performing two acts of worship: fasting and reciting the Quran. If you do it after the iftar time (which you should as well), you’ll only be performing one act of worship.

Make sense? I hope so…

Did this work for me? Kind of. Rather than twiddling my thumbs, I’ve become more active as the iftar time came closer.

Also, in order for the “dread iftar” tactic to work, you need to pretend that we’re almost at the end of Ramadan. So rather than saying “Oh, I have 26-27 more days left”, you’ll say “Gasp, I only have a few more days left!”

This will also enable us to remember Allah after iftar and after Taraweeh.

I know you might be thinking “This girl has finally lost all her marbles”.

Quite possibly.

But there’s still no harm in trying out my “dread iftar” tactic, is there? Yoo never know. It might work, insha-Allah….



Assalamu Alaikum.

Okay, that’s not the name of the website. It has a section called “Ramadan” coach (short articles) and another one called “Ramadan Reminders” (audios).

Very nice indeed, masha-Allah.

Please do check it out: